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Drop your rug by us and our rug cleaning experts will make it look like its original self. It will feel soft again, have vivid hues again, and even smell better. We shall return your rug to its new condition and make it worth more for a longer period of time. We have different steps for cleaning affected by the type of rug you have and how messy your rug is.

Every single rug is hand-inspected by one of our expert carpet cleaning professionals in order to determine precisely how your carpet should be treated. Damage caused by moths, pets, water and fire are elements we look for. We then perform a colorfast check on your rug and work with our cleaning technique to match your rug cleaning requirements.

The Opening Wash

Your rug is put in a special machine and tumbled to loosen the dirt then vacuumed. If these particles avoid being cleared, they can chip away the fibers of the rug.

The First Stage of the Rug Cleaning Process

The rug is dropped in a water container that removes dirt and spots. We work to examine the fringe and back of your rug to make sure they are getting clean as well.

The Next Step of the Rug Cleaning Process

Other cleaners utilize a soapy cleaner that stays in your rug and is like a magnet for dirt and dust. Our advanced process guarantees that the cleaning agents are completely flushed out by washing and rinsing the rug.

Combing and Drying Your Carpet

Before drying the rug we softly comb the pile and fringes in the appropriate direction. Then the area rug shall be dried expediently in a special room which creates optimal drying conditions for your rug. The drying of every single rug shall be handled differently based on how much humidity and airflow it needs.

Improving the Odor of Your Carpet

A light air freshener can be provided to help eliminate odors and further sanitize your rug, bringing freshness to the entire room once you bring it back home. Customers are given a choice of fragrance: Baby Power, Cherry, Lemon or Peach. The scent is applied to the pile of the rug to further fluff it up as well as keep it smelling great.

Final Inspection

We make sure to scrutinize your rug as soon as it has fully dried. We could determine that your rug requires another cleaning, so we will repeat all of the stages again, and will continue to do so until we have achieved the cleanest condition possible.

In addition, we may help with your rug repair and rug restoration needs, no matter what kind of rug. The people on our repair crew can fix edges, holes, tears and fringes. We can restore your rug to its initial appearance.

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