NY Rug Restoration

If you require repair to a rug, you need to communicate with our company. We do quality repair on rugs. We do not bring in inexperienced people off the street. Our employees are genuine craftsmen weavers who hail from the same countries the rugs they work on originate in. The repairs are done utilizing the same methods and materials used in the original. Your rug’s value and quality will be maintained.

If you have a rug that you think is a complete loss or that you have been told is a complete loss, bring it in. We often restore rugs that other companies won’t even touch. We may repair damage caused by sun exposure, ultraviolet rays, water, fire, insects and household pets. If you are not local, there is no need to fret. Merely ship the rug to us and we shall work our magic. Don’t hold off to call us about the damage to your cherished rug.

At the first evidence of wear and tear or damage, you should call us so we could give you the best possibly solution to save your family heirloom. You might also be surprised that your rug is fixable. When you see the first points of damage, you have to call us right away so that your rug does not suffer anymore serious damage. People are often shocked at how simple a rug repair is, and how low the final cost will be; why wait any longer when you can bring your family treasure to our store and have one of our Master Weavers provide you with a free estimate.

We provide quite a few services to you:

- We may reweave ends that have been lost.
- If your rug once possessed corners, but is now running in circles, bring it to us. We will restore the missing corners.
- We may maintain water damage.
- We can maintain damage from moths.
- They could even restore holes in the middle of your rug with the matching threads, fibers and colors!
- Our master weavers may fix design attributes that have frayed, been burned, or been sun bleached!
- They can bind your rug to stop and stave off further damage.
- They can additionally work on the fringes.
- We do not look at what we do as a job. It’s our interest. We love rugs. We will love your rug as our own. We restore, repair and help you maintain your rug’s

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